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I see those who were chained to their abuse freed. Bravely, stepping forth in their freedom to begin a new life, baby steps at first, casually walking and then an unstoppable sprint.


To provide tools in print, media, speaking/teaching for victims of sexual abuse, their families and loved ones, the church, and counselors to free the captives from their trauma and wake them from playing dead.

  • To wield the sword that God has given me to set the captives free, bringing hope and healing to the brokenhearted and to wake those who are playing dead.

  • To educate church staffs, counselors and families of those who have been abused what Christ has taught me.

  • To build on being a resource in the brokenhearted community. The message will be proclaimed Jesus Christ is our hope, the only one who can set us free, and the healer of the brokenhearted.

How Are We Differnt?

  • Hispanic cultural origin

  • Liberated from 35 years of addiction

  • Proven motivational coaching process (not counseling)

  • Christ-centered, theology driven

  • The uniqueness of a victim’s experience of sexually abused or being assaulted:

  • 93% of the victims knew their perpetrator

  • 59% of the victims had an acquaintance with the perpetrator

  • 7% of the victims were strangers to the perpetrator

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