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Born in Southern California, I enjoyed living 30 minutes from the beach and only an hour from the local mountains. Fishing, camping, and choreography dance were a regular part of life.

From an early age, things that piqued my interest drove me to crave more. Having that insatiable urge to learn new things and then master them proved to be an invaluable tool used throughout my life.

I am a wife, mother of 5 children, and grandmother of 11. My husband and I founded an engineering business, marching band for homeschooling students, two ministries (Extreme Calling and Soul Care), and sustained a small, personally owned farm. Having experience in human resources, coaching, being a pastor, and volunteer, I can see how God has uniquely placed me in various areas, allowing me to see the CEO side of things as well as the operative side.

About 12 years ago, God brought another change; I met Greg Getz! Thus came the challenge to go back to school. With confirmation from God, I did just that. Ever since then, I have consistently been under the coaching of Greg. During this time of coaching, my leadership skills have been sharpened.

Having been raised in a Hispanic household where women were not in leadership roles, it seemed like I was a square peg in a round hole. I learned that God could use me mightily as a woman, even though there are times it feels like I am pressing the walls too far. Listening to God allowed business and ministry to go further than the limits I was accustomed to. Now author of The Gift and Playing Dead Choosing Life, I hope to use these additional tools to help further God’s purpose for others.


By day I am a licensed pastor, soul care coach, and speaker equipped with the unconditional love which was given by Jesus Christ. My mission is to bring hope and healing to the broken hearted, which I myself have received. By night I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and master popcorn chef.

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